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An abbreviation for Christmas, from the Greek spelling of Christ, the first letter of which was chi ("X").
Merry X-mas.
by Alexei December 23, 2003

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Proof of the French's incompetence.
Frenchie#1: We must stop the Germans and show off to the pathetic USA!
Frenchie#2: Oui, let us build a huge defensive wall with cannons and guns that only face one direction!
Frenchie#1: Brilliant! uhh.. what is the German army doing behind our wall?
Frenchie#2: Damn cheaters, they went around! No fair! Time out! wahhhhhhhhhh!
GOD: hehehehe, silly french people...
by Alexei March 20, 2003

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Means sweet. Derived from "swizeet" which is ghetto for "sweet."
Guy#1: Dude I met Shakira and I got her number! She wants you!
Guy#2: SWIZZY!
by Alexei March 21, 2003

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the familly name of fadi, wich means shitted in the past tense, so if ur a nasrala, ur a female shitter... we have one in gabbies class, faddi nasrala
hey, nasrala, russians would die of laugh if they heard that!
by alexei July 13, 2004

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A combination of the Spanish words, "Padre" and "Madre," It is a bastardation of "Tu Madre" and "Tu Padre" Which are both signals of a very ugly person in the area. PaMadre is a combination of the two to signal the presence of a grotesquely, and excessively ugly individual.
"Holy crap! That acne-covered ball of lard you call your girlfriend is a PaMadre!"
by Alexei March 19, 2003

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gay stupid jew, who is always fucking cocky... like joseph wazanna , we have one in our school, plays guitare, who is an ass hole... pretty gay... for a jewish man
hey u wazanna,: means ur a gay shitty jew that is an asshole.
by alexei July 13, 2004

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Someone that is exceedingly sexy when wearing a Vietnamese Cone Hat. See ant fetish.
Holy crapola, who is that hot bizatch molesting that colony of ants? Oh that is just John Espey.
by Alexei March 21, 2003

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