Mia: Are u sure you can stay for another drink

Dani: Can't. Gotta get home and make dinner for the ol' balls and dick.
by Dani_rocstar101 July 29, 2011
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The words one must utter while playing Call of Duty Black Ops | when the Trey arch logo appears on screen indicating a player must patiently wait an undefined amount of time for the game to progress.

The phrase describes the look of the Trey arch logo as it cycles repeatedly in its modified toroidal circular pattern to indicate something VERY important is happening in the background. The logo gives a player a visual prompt to utter an audible update to other players in their party to ensure they are made aware of a delay in game play.

It’s customary for players in a COD party to repeat, "Ball Ball Dick" over and over to ensure other party members can take appropriate action (e.g. crack open a beer, get more Cheetos, replace controller batteries, scratch one’s ass, etc.) The phrase is most effective in a sentence, "I'm being Ball Ball Dicked right now. Hopefully I can rejoin your party soon!"

For brevity, a TLA-version "BBD" can be used to provide faster conveyance of one’s status to other players and this approach is highly useful for out-of-band communication (e.g. text/SMS, Skype, smoke signals, etc.) when Xbox Live chat services are unavailable.

While the phrase refers to the wait-time in COD |, it can also be liberally used to describe other situations when one must wait an unknown amount of time (i.e. DMV; Proctologist’s office; While waiting for someone to finish taking a shit).
Son --- of --- a --- bitch!!!! I'm being BALL BALL DICKED again?!?!? Hopefully I can rejoin my goddam Call of Duty party soon! Damn you Treyarch....Damn you to Hell!
by Doug6ft3 March 23, 2016
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A game where a guy pins down a girl and exposes a small amount of gential flesh out of his boxer window and asks her if she can tell if its ball or dick.
How was your date?

It only lasted ten minutes, I tried to play ball or dick.

by femalecats November 13, 2011
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aka MBTD, or B>D

Should be self-explanatory, but if you need a hint:

Describes a male of the species suffering from testosterone poisoning to the degree that he operates an overly powerful and/or noisy vehicle in a manner hazardous to others, presumably in an effort to proclaim his overwhelming manhood to those others.

Hopefully he will claim the Darwin Award that is rightfully his prior to maiming or killing the more responsible humans in the vicinity.
Phrase inspired this afternoon by a schmuck driving a red Merc C63 AMG at at least 20mph over the limit in the Geary tunnel in SF (I assume to hear his manly V8 echoes), and continuing to swerve around traffic westward into the sunset...

Since he is obviously compensating for, ahem, shortcomings in other areas, the dude in question definitely exhibits more balls than dick.
by Clever Boffin March 5, 2014
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When a man is wearing tight pants and his dick/ balls resembles a tennis ball shape
His pants were so tight his dick was looking like a tennis ball dick.
by Squad2.0 May 29, 2018
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Ball-Dick-Ball is the act of pulling one's penis down as far as it goes. The next step is difficult and possibly hurtful. It involves pulling one's balls up to either side of the severely elongated dick. Then cover the knob and top of the shaft with your hand, the scene should resemble three lovely coconuts standing in a row.
As part of the dick showing game, the result of an individual looking at the Ball-Dick-Ball is 20 punches to the arm
Damn man my arm hurts so fucking bad... should never have looked at that guys Ball-Dick-Ball
by the goochburger June 21, 2009
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the feeling of utter disgust

to feel so sick that it
seems as though
you may be in pain
after a night of hardcore partying

Man I feel like a bucket of blue ball dicks.

by christopher superfly August 11, 2006
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