1.(masculine)One who breaks a girl's heart through cowardice and lack of testicles.
2.One who benefits from their own lack of testicles.
That fricking ball licker broke my heart! He's such a ball licker!!
by Faith January 26, 2005
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One who licks spherical objects, one whom is a fan of spheres.
Your mother is such a ball licker when she goes in to buy ice-cream.
by Werther November 20, 2002
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An all round bullshitter, A devious lying underhanded cunt. You never quite know what they're up to, but you know they're up to something
Paul " Steve didn't turn up last night as he said he had to fix his stepsons car"
Russ" That's funny i saw him down the pub last night"
Paul" That bloody Steve, he's a right fucking shady ball licker"
by razorhayes June 14, 2017
Coined by Youtube's DelanoTV or Flat Earth Focker, a term used to describe a person who believes in a globe earth, especially those who belittle flat earthers and those who haven't yet realized they only believe in a globe earth because they were taught it in at most second grade, lacking mature reasoning skills, only to flaunt their belief in a globe earth as indisputable fact. In summary, a non-critically thinking sheep of the state who believes in the globe vainly.
That guy has zero proofs of the globe, and he's coming at me talking about how stupid I am? Such a ball licker.
by moreAnimePlease July 15, 2018
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First used in the Colbert Report. Claiming his grandfather was a goat ball licker: someone to make the goats happy in the in a goat herding environment. This expression was used to mock Barack Obama's claim to his grandfather being a goat herder from Africa.
"Who would have thought that the son of a poor Appalachian turd miner; the grandson of a goat ball licker, born in the town of Could-Be-President, one day could be President of the United States?"- Stephen Colbert
by Veritas0609 December 15, 2007
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a person who likes to suck a donkeys dick and balls .
amy sucked and licked jonny pet donkey

donkey ball licker
by weedica91 January 27, 2018
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