a pus filled scrotum sucker
a lover of sweet meats
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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1. A person that is a huge douche bag and constantly kisses ass to get where they are. They tend to be dull boring assholes with no sense of humour or heart. They are also usually pussies and are never willing to bend the rules to help a comrad out. Ball lickers tend to get a lot of managerial positions in life which can really piss off a genuine guy that is subject to working for him. At every school i've been to or for any organization I have ever worked at, there has always been a madd ball licker that likes to ruin my fun.

2. A flaming fruit loop that likes to pleasure his boyfriend by licking his gonads. This type of ball licker is gross but to be fair, they can still be good citizens or nice people.

3. A girl that is sexually bold. If your wife licks your balls, power to you. However if you just met the girl and she wants to lick your balls she is downright scandalous and you should get tested as soon as humanly possible.

4. A guy with nothing to do that spontaniously picks up a billiards ball and licks it for no particular reason. Allthough it is odd, I can't think of anything wrong with that type of behavior. Mind you this type of ball licker is extremely rare. Infact I have yet to come across one in my travels.
ball licking manager: Hey Miller, you're fired.

Ranting Miller: Good I don't want to work for you anyways. Trust me guys this guy is a huge ball licker. How do you think he got his job anyways. Obviously from licking so many balls.

ball licking manager: You're choice of words are most foul and inappropriate to be used inside a steel mill. I request at once that you use restraint and be more professional. What will the CEO think if he see's my men out of line.
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Term used for licking somebody's salty balls. It can also be an insult to an annoying prick.
"Quit being such a ball licker, you're ruining the fucking party Miley Cyrus! You're freaking out the guests, stop licking everything you see!"
Miley Cyrus: Starts licking balls.
by Thar Master November 10, 2014
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The act of cupping ones balls and licking them until they explode
Dan and Kevin are Ball Lickers
by yourmomlovesmycock February 6, 2008
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A man who is hostile and disrespectful towards women, especially women that don't subscribe to traditional female roles, but he will readily and happily stroke another man's ego (ball lick), in order to avoid conflict. He will snipe at a woman, but soften for a man. He is insecure about his manhood and has contempt for women who he feels challenge his already lowered standing. He is part crab and part bitch ass. He will scrutinize any petty flaw real or imagined, to attack her confidence.
If a women drives a luxury car, he is angry, but if a man drives the same car, he will compliment him.
" that ball licker was in my face gettin loud, but when my man came over, he started being nice."
by SholinT May 22, 2011
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