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A delicious pasta dish involving ziti macaronni, tomato sauce, crushed meatballs, mozzarella cheese, herbs, and spices.
Ziti does not necessarily have to be baked, but tastes better when it is.
Since I'm Italian, every Sunday I have pasta and Chicken Cutlets. My favorite pasta dish is baked ziti.
by sexy white boy August 01, 2005
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When a man with a small penis, gets sloppy-seconds on a roughed-up asshole that has already been ejaculated into. When he pulls out, his cock will be covered in blood, jizz and shit resembling baked ziti. (The blood being the sauce, the jizz being the cheese, and the shit being the burnt charr from baking.)
Hey Tony, I can't get the smell of last night's baked ziti off my small cock.
by step-sister fister November 04, 2010
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To be really fucking high; to be so baked you cant function; being higher than you've ever been; so high you've got the munchies for days; pasta.
Friend 1: Ayo Rudy man you were really high last night dude! you were being crazy!
Friend 2: Nah BRO. I was Baked Ziti!
by Mr.Hashman May 13, 2013
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To get so high, that at the peak you feel like your the pasta and cheese is melting on you.
Yo man, i got so baked ziti last night i could hardly function.
by Ziti Master December 29, 2009
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The culinary taste sensation arisen from the aftermath of a good high: AKA "the munchies", that results in the conclusion that ziti contains a divine splendor of which no other food comprises. This coincides with a yearning to savor the taste, for which doesn't present much of an issue because you will more than likely have a strenuous time masticating. Baked ziti is often ingested with brownies, but is not limited by or exclusive to.
This baked ziti was truly crafted by the gods themselves. It's like a never-ending orgasm in my mouth.
by ChiztheWiz January 23, 2011
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Sloppy rough drunk sexual intercourse usually involving a little blood.
You hungry for some late night? I've got leftover baked ziti waiting for you at my place.

I had the best baked ziti last night.
I bet, it sounded good.
Only negative was I got it all over my shirt.
by Scotchchucker April 14, 2009
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