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The correct way to spell the french bread loaf thingy.
Wow, the baggets that Jayson made taste delicious!
by jos-p June 11, 2018
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A person who likes to watch two women having sexual intercourse without getting involved
Mark: i was watching my girlfriend getting it on

Ken: dude did you go get some from your girl while your mom fucked her.

Mark: No thats gross.

Ken: Dude your a Bagget
by mike bayack June 10, 2016
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derived from a small group people in the late 90's. Meaining is somewhat mysterious and evolved to basically become its own jibberish language, mostly revolving around insulting people awho can't bag, and colloborating with others who can

Abbreviated to Bag
He got bagged! (Insult.. nad possibly injury!)

Chester and myself were doing bags all night
by Colzee March 10, 2005
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