A bag usually containing ecstasy, molly, adderal or any other drug that takes a pill form.
Hay man were gonna get turnt I got a bag of beans.
by Skinnyboy696696 June 29, 2014
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Scrotum, smooth criminals, tomatoes, nadbag, jizzbags, raisin bag, happy sack, hairy saddlebags, bag of fruit, John Waynes hairy saddlebags, sack onuts; daddy-bag; marsupium; bag of tricks; jelly-bag.
I enjoyed Pamela playing with my bag of beans and giving me a head.
by AmЕn March 18, 2016
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An annoying or otherwise less-than-ideal situation; an undesirable state for one to be in.
“Man, this new project is really making class a big bag of beans.”
by ABigBagofBeans27 September 16, 2019
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A girl named Vivian has a huge obsession over a hot guy named Alex;).
Alex: “Hey, do you think I should poop?”
Vivian: “Wherever the bag beans”
by Ilovevivian69 March 21, 2021
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