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Medication for people with ADD (attention deficite disorder) or ADHD (Attention defecite hyperactive disorder)It makes the person calmer and stimulates their brain so they have the ability to pay attention and take in information. This drug is abused often times by college kids or kids taking the SAT's because it makes them focus on their tests and not feel distracted or pressured. Also this drug is abused by people trying to lose weight because it causes lack of appetite and makes you not want to eat. This drug can be bad if overdosed and should not be taken by peple without ADD/ADHD. Most people who abuse this drug swipe it off a friend or sibling who has ADD/ADHD because you have to have a prescription to get it from a store. The side effects of this drug include long time brain damage if overdosed and lack of appetite and hunger. Adderal comes in small orange tablets or hollow pills with powder inside, they are usually taken orally. A similar pill to this is concerta
Before the test I took some adderal I swiped from my little sister and I totally aced it.
by nluvwitya1234 February 12, 2008
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I medicine used to treat people with {ADHD}. It helps them control their hyperness, but If taken by a person (usually 2-10 pills) it will speed you up instead of making you calm. Its like a {coke} buzz but when u come down ur not tired. Can be snorted,ingested,or mixed in a drink.
Hey you got some adderal,I need to wake up.
by Tokin Juggalo August 08, 2005
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