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A person with an abnormal amount of gayness where simply referring to them as a Fag in the singular fashion is not enough to describe their level of homosexuality.
Jason: Wes is so gay, my ass hurts
Keith: Indeed, Wes is a bag of fag
by Mcdaniel Ghetto June 23, 2009
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A bag of fags is someone who pretends to be strait and talks shit about gays but at the end of the day likes 2 have sex with the same sex in private but acts strait around strait ppl but WHEN around gays their inner fag comes out & let it all hang out. So If u would see that person that pretends to act strait in their gay settings u would say look at this bag of fags
Look at this bag of fags I knew he was gay.
by Olneyboi March 11, 2018
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another way to say "fag". usually used to descibe homosexual people or people you just dont like.
ikea- "I hate that bag of fag."
avalon- "who?"
ikea- Daniel, duhhhhh.
by Ikea6969 October 27, 2008
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