A spelling of baby for people (usually people who think they are gangsters) who are particuarly retarded.
pob: Girl your my bady
Girl: what the fuck is a bady pat?
by old Gregg October 1, 2006
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a female/male who is highly attractive bad sexy
damn bro did you see all them badies in there.
by sori20 June 13, 2009
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Someone who doesn't care or care but doesn't show it.
He is too cold in serious situations.
He focuses with little details.
he is always the one with the best solution
Badis is a good boy.
I wish I was like Badis.
by therealbadis69 March 17, 2019
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A person who started a thing, Translated to Arabic.
He is a Badi.
by Vicky Watson January 3, 2018
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new, modern, newness
boy name
Badi is a good and honest and handsome boy.
by antivirus! August 16, 2018
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Its what i call my baby...
Hey! Sup wit you bady?
by BadyHead March 1, 2005
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