An administrator or group of administrators(usually of a forum or server) who abuse their power, act irresponsibly and or unprofessionally. Often shifts blame onto users for their own bad behavior. May also have a fanatical following who believe that the administration is never wrong even when they are(see fanaticism ). This could also be attributed to the users fear of reprisal for daring to step out of line(see tyranny ).
He was being a badmin, he banned 50 people last week for no good reason...

He was perpetuating outright lies against banned users, this is unprofessional conduct and a textbook definition of a badmin.

The admin was found to be complicit in sharing the personal information of users on the forum with people he shouldn't of been, otherwise known as being a badmin.

He showed he was a badmin when he threatened to reveal the personal information of a new user, just because he did not agree with that users ethics.
by WackyDawg May 22, 2013
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A portmanteau of the words "bad" and "admin," used to describe a low quality online moderator or administrator which may either be lazy, abuse their powers, or be a poorly programmed AI.
Hey, why did you leave the Discord server?
A badmin banned me for saying the word "gay."
by Mattjod July 30, 2021
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The act of looking after a girlfriend just enough to keep her. Short for - Bird Administration.
Sorry guys, have to go do some badmin, see you later.
by Gaijiniji May 28, 2007
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badmin is used towards someone who's adminstration is up his arse, all over the place

Bad Admin
Simon: hey, come on kris, get your crap together and lets go
Kris: where's my beret, ffs, where's my keys
Beenie: Kris come on, we are going to be late man,
Simon: God come on Badmin
Beenie: yea, come on Badmin
Kris: FFS this is bollocks...
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008
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A badminded person is someone who is jealous, grudgeful and henvious.
People might 'badmine' you because you have nice clothes or money for example.
'Look at him. I hope he crashes.'
Hey don't badmine him over his car.'
by Delurban May 30, 2011
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when someone has organised something which hasnt turned out as expected and was a disapointment
hey man, did you go to that party last night

yeah, i didnt go, heard it was badmin
by toenails918328321 August 24, 2011
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