Normally associated with Salvia, 'Shrooms, and LSD (acid, you morons.), a bad trip is a "trip" that goes from peace and oneness to pure horror and evil. Hallucinations resulting from a bad trip often involve monsters, horrifying scenes, and paranoia/anxiety.
Well, midway through the salvia I was to be introduced to the jolly king of the galaxy, but he pulled out my intestines with a rotisserie spit and giggled as I writhed in agony.
by Erichz May 7, 2005
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n. a bad experience, typically associated with hallucinogenic drugs ie. LSD, PCP, Shrooms, etc.
after i took that shit the evil death gnomes with big fuckin' teath tried to castrate me with a soldering iron (damn thats bad!)
by Scooter~* January 11, 2005
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This is what happens when you freak out on LSD.
by chump April 23, 2003
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A bad human experience which is the result of internal panicking caused by a disharmonious translation between the internal world and external world.
"Man I am having a bad trip, can you please change the music, let's meditate and maybe let's go for a walk in the woods"
by Wytzig December 24, 2019
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It means that someone is giving you a bad trip (usually when you’re high) or not just in general- Common term to insult people!! Parth Katyal
You’re such a Bad Trip (BT) !!
by jen_xvi January 12, 2020
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Getting so high on shrooms you accidentally rape, pillage and conquer parts of England
This shit is so strong i got a Norwegian bad-trip
by Fjellanger January 3, 2018
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