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Take the example of rotisserie style chicken, you have the body of the chicken with a pole going in both ends. Now once we apply this sexually, we have a girl who gives one guy oral while having sex with another. That is the rotisserie.
Hey Jared, do you want to put her on the rotisserie?
by BobSacamano May 09, 2004
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A sex position involving two men and a chick. The men stand apart while the girl performs oral sex on one and vaginal sex on the other. They proceed to spin her like a rotisserie chicken.
Guy 1: Dude, me and Tom rotisseried some slut last night. It was awesome!
Guy 2: Damn dude, she must have been drippin' with juice after that!
by C-MacT March 22, 2011
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A sex position involving two men with enormous penises and one woman. One guy does the girl doggy style and the other is getting his cock sucked while they lift her up by their penises and spin her 360 degrees like a rotisserie chicken.
Dude, me and mike totally rotisseried that bitch last night
by pat the rat 4 March 18, 2009
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Similar to "wheeling". Refers to the flirting that occurs when one is attempting to procure a mate. Also known as the process of "Spinning rotisseries".
"cant do anothing tonight, I've got a date I gotta put on the rotisserie."
"Dude have you seen Mike? He's been spinning rotisserie all week."
"I was spinning in class last period"
by Viking 101 May 05, 2015
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You start by placing your woman or her back so her head is hanging off the bed (couch, table, where ever the pounding will commence) and inserting your Johnson as far down her throat as possible. You then take a dildo or any other long object that you can manage to cram into her clam shell, and begin thrusting from both ends. Also keep in mind this is named after a rotating cooking process, so it is very important that you occasionally turn her from her back to her stomach, and vice versa, alternating your object penetration from her pink hole to her stink hole. Once you feel the process of humiliation is complete you can finish her off with a nice basting of man seed...can also be done with a party of three, swapping out the object with another stick of man meat, but I think its more personally gratifying if you saver the moment all to yourself...And there you have it, like a properly stuffed pig for a large dinner party, you have successfully completed β€œThe Rotisserie”
When she claimed I couldn’t satisfy us both sexually I used the Rotisserie...and as it turns out, she was right!
by Eric82 April 24, 2008
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when three parties engage in a a dual penatration of both anal and oral orafices.
yo i gave this bitch a stick and hennessy and me and my mans threw that bitch up on the rotisserie, son!
by kisteam February 22, 2005
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