The Acne that is on someone's back.
This is the same acne that grows on your face only this type is on your back.
by Reed Rosenberg January 22, 2004
It's acne, but on your back.
I thought my backne was terrible, but turns out my GF likes to pop zits, so I lay face down for almost an hour while she popped all of my zits on my back, I think I am going to marry her.
by AverageMan December 8, 2013
Like the well-known and well-dispised acne, backne is a skin condition in which pores become clogged and infected easily, due to massive oil production, hormones, and/or poor hygiene. It generally plagues young women with long hair, but can effect almost anyone. the worst part is, 50% of all sufferers aren't aware that they have it.
-Did you see Trisha's backne yesterday???
-yeah, who didn't? she must not know, or something.
-she really shouldn't wear halter tops.
by thehippoisaware March 30, 2009
Jacob: ha Patrick you have backne

Patrick: runs to jacob

by SHREK + TUTANKHAMUN November 26, 2019
Jenna: When I met Adam on facebook he didn't tell me he had backne!and then we met at the beach and he had acne all over his back!

Tyler: No way! Adam has backne!
by Whoawhoa1313 March 27, 2009
The wisespread sporadic forming of pimples and skin irritations on the dorsal side of the torso. Gross acne on the back bitch, ya'll feel me.
She was looking all fine until I turned her over and seen the backne, thats when I threw up on the bitch.
by Stevie Y December 6, 2004