when a band or artist gets really popular, and everyone in the scene starts to hate them.
i used to like Killswitch Engage, but now that they're big. i think they suck.
by v1cious July 20, 2004
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When you cum so hard you go flying backwards
Dude...did you hear about Jim? He was banging some chick and when he came he backlashed and fell out the house.
by BobFTW October 4, 2009
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when you are about to nut and a girl is riding you, then all of a sudden she gets up and your penis flings back at you at the exact moment you blow your load, resulting in a backlash of nut on you.
Damn man last night i was bangin your mom and then right when i blew my load she got up and i got backlashed
by Kelmet February 8, 2006
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When things go smoothly for a period of time and you're enjoying life, karma finds its way back to you and fucks things up.
I had the best November but I'm getting karmic backlash and December is turning out to be such a drag.
by Yana TV January 22, 2009
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That headache you get after the exam when you suddenly stop cramming and your brain just melts to mush.
I had study backlash after cramming at the last minute for my sex ed test.
I got all the answers wrong anyway, making all that cramming a huge waste of time.
by morbidgolem October 22, 2007
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