When you receive services from a prostitute, payed for with an account credit from previous payment.
I'll cover drinks tonight. I Backboned Stacy last night.
by the carl 99 June 21, 2016
Jellyfish backbone is a person who says one thing but does the opposite and blames others.
My boss has a Jellyfish backbone.
She speaks of standards and holding employees accountable for results. But, every time she has the chance to prove her statement she makes excuses and does nothing.
by Mr. Harrahs February 26, 2014
Kim Namjoon aka RM is the backbone of group BTS. BTS started with him and wouldn't even exist without him. He is their backbone.
Kim Namjoon is reason why BTS exists, he is the backbone of BTS.
by rmsng May 14, 2021
A friend who is normally forgotten, but when thought about, is remembered by all their support.
Amy: "Man, I forgot about John. But when my marriage fell apart. He helped me through it"
Barry: "Yeah. He's a real backbone friend"
by Nick Masters January 22, 2016
A skinny girl bent over with no ass and all u can see is hole.
Do you see that girl bent over all you can see is backbone and hole.
by Hisqueen83 November 24, 2020
When you're doing her from behind and you bend her feet all the way to her head so her spine breaks and with the blood you draw a pentagram around her body for the sacrifice of the greater good
Hey girl, you want to try the Devils Backbone tonight?
Sure babe, Let's do it!
by Kernn_ August 8, 2017