When someone is so skinny that their spine sticks our like the scales on a tricerotops
Sarah had lost so much weight that when she bent over, i could see her dinosaur backbone through her swhirt.
by Karin R November 11, 2006
a fast internet connection usually ordered by dull internet dorks that want to download at speeds of 1000,000kbps
an ATM connection
4Mbps+ connection
by SoliD_SnakE June 29, 2004
A skeleton/person who's gone fucking insane and summons their two beloved dead friends.
But it's mostly Papyrus.
And they also might have a Twitter account that goes by @FishwithBones.
Friend 1: What the hell are you doing!?
Friend 1: The hell is that!?
Friend 2: YOU DON'T KNOW!?
Friend 1: OF COURSE I DON'T!
by Backbone Papyrus October 24, 2020
the ability or willingness to be assertive in only an extremely limited set of circumstances
I was hoping she would help me stand up to the homeowner's association to advocate for more parking spaces, but I forgot she has a situational backbone and therefore won't do much to help unless the issue involves the dog park.
by ksaysthis December 18, 2016