A sexual move/position vaguely referenced on BBC3 program "Him & Her" - never fully explained.
Paul: "It's when ya ... well first of all you do her in the ... what, you've never done back to front?"
Steve: "No, of course not."
Paul: "You're like a fuckin' nun."

Back to front.
by Lord_Conflict September 14, 2010
The way a chick wipes her tush after taking a dump.
Karen: "My gyna's nasty. Must be I'm wiping back to front".
by Mr.Tissue February 2, 2018
The way that most humans naturally self-learned to wipe their asses. If you don't, then you're weird.
The only possible reason for wiping front to back is if your parents harshly disciplined you about it, otherwise you'd be instinctively wiping back to front like any other normal human world.
by UwUltimateDoge November 14, 2021
The way chicks wipe their ass after taking a dump
Rhonda: " Whew - I tink Yvonne' s pussy's BAD! She wiping back to front".
by Mr.Tissue February 2, 2018
“-when you get fucked in the ass, and wipe the cum from your ass up your pussy honey, up your pussy.”

-Trixie Mattel
“Hi I’m the white back to front that gotcha pregnant, Trixie Mattel

by Dragqueen113 December 14, 2018