An annoying kid who always wants to be the main center of attention.
Person: Carl is such a baby bird
by Ace the simp December 17, 2022
When you are drunk making out and he/she burp/pukes in your mouth.
Bro, so me and Lissa were tongue wrestling at the bar and she baby birded me.
by StraightFlushPlumbing September 15, 2018
The BEAUTIFUL nickname Yagami Yato blessed us with in her Hawks/Keigo Takami audios.
"Come here Baby bird"
by Blair the Weeb October 19, 2020
When you cum in a girls mouth and she then transfers it back to you by a kiss.
My girlfriend didn't want me to cum in her mouth but I did, so she tricked me with a baby bird when she kissed me and got the cum into my mouth!
by BIGSOUTH620 May 16, 2013
When you cum in your girlfriends mouth, she swallows it and pukes it back into your mouth and you swallow it.
Hardcore snowballing "Baby bird"
by Chuckied November 8, 2010
The act of spitting prechewed food into someone else's mouth.
No baby birding, please. I do wanna look at that.
by zimmygirl777 December 30, 2022