Someone who has just come out of the closet recently. 1-2 years is the time span of when someone could be qualified as a baby gay. Baby gays usually instantly love everything that’s rainbow and just generally have that innocent glee of just coming out. We must protect them.
“When did you come out to yourself?”

“Only last January, I’m still a baby gay!”
by Wukisah July 30, 2020
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A baby gay is someone who's just come out and won't stop talking about being gay.
Person 1: Y'all, girls are sooooo pretty. God, I'm just soooo gay—

Person 2: Bro, stop acting like such a Baby Gay.
by her08 February 26, 2020
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-I just came out last week
-Aww a baby gay!
by dfwaagretah May 22, 2009
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Bob: "do you play Fortnite?"
Jim: "yes."
Bob: "You're a gay baby."
by Grillest June 6, 2018
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Rumor has it that every time there is an awkward silence in a conversation, a gay baby is born.
Jimmy: Yeah so that is what I did with myself last night.

Sarah: Umm....

(Awkward Silence)

Jimmy: Gay Baby!!!!!
by JordanMTY September 4, 2006
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Someone: Is Fortnite for Gay Babies?
Someone Else: Yes.
Someone: *looks up on Google: What game do gay babies play*
Google: Fortnite
Someone: Ok.
by BoomBlox July 16, 2018
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