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A coworker who gets pregnant, and then for the next nine months you can't have a conversation with her that doesn't involve the fact that she is pregnant. Bonus for the ultrasounds pasted in her workspace, and the coworkers who fawn over the cuteness of said blob in In Utero.
Oh my god, I just just got back for my gyno, and look at these pictures!

/She has Baby Brain
by Allen Watts March 04, 2009
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When a man cups his thumb and forefinger around the top of his testicles (up toward the choder aka taint). He then applies a gentle amount of pressure to make the testicles bulge. When you look at it just right- the "seam" that separates his left and right testicle makes his gonads look like a palm-sized brain. Hence the term "Baby (for small) Brains."
Tom: "Gosh Bob is really drunk."
Paul: "I know, I hope he doesn't take his pants off again."
Tom: "That guy gets fruiter the more he drinks."
<enter naked Bob>
"Hah hah! Look guys... <sqeezes his nuts> BABY BRAINS!!"
Tom & Paul: "Ah, man not again. Put your pants back on homo, and grab us a beer."
by JemIsJerrica September 25, 2009
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1. An uniformed voter who simply votes for the politician who promises to redistribute the most wealth.

2. There is one undeniable truth, Children will Always give you a Liberal answer to a political questions.

-Hence Baby Brain-
Derrick: Hey man, why on earth are all of these people in love with Obama. Don't they know he is going to increase taxes and hurt the economy?

Chase: Yeah but he keeps promising to buy them stuff with all that stolen wealth!

Lauren: Just a bunch of baby brains...
by Rooster Veno February 01, 2013
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