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"Bring your own pen"

An acronym used in Geocaching, indicating that part of the cache in subject involves a paper log to sign. At times, this cache may contain only the log - bring something to write with if you hope to prove to others you found it, and don't be disappointed.
Mark: Going geocaching? Don't forget to BYOP. Remember last time.
Caitlin: Right. If I only brought a pen with me, I could have been the last person to sign that cache. Darn it...
by Cake the Geocacher June 01, 2011
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BYOP- Bring Your Own Paint
In paintball, the act of a paintball field allowing it's paintballers to bring their own paintballs instead of having to buy the field's paintballs.
Guy: Dude, do we have to buy the field's paint?
Guy2: No, it's byop!
by I am da king August 03, 2009
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1. "Bring Your Own Pussy" In the event of a sausege fest, dudes must bring their own bitches if they want to be up ins a lady.
Hey man, this is going to be a sausage fest. This shit is gonna be BYOP. Sorry mang.
by Jimney "Zip" Axlerod April 01, 2008
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Bring Your Own Pussy; relating to social events in which there will be a minimal number of females in attendance.
Dude, is that party at Greg's like a legit party or B.Y.O.P.?
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Bring Your Own Paint

Used in paintball to describe weather you can bring your own paintballs to the field, or if you have to buy the field's paint.There is usually a fee for this - fields have to make money.
by Bl33t July 25, 2006
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