BWD or Battlebit Withdrawal Disorder is a mental health condition triggered by not experiencing a Battlebit playtest in multiple days, after getting addicted. Players who experience BWD should contact MrOkiDoki to relieve their pain.
by i have BWD May 1, 2022
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Big White Dick. Though once thought to be just a legend, the BWD is making a comeback. Generally more respectable than its counterpart, the BBD.
Dude, James is bringing the BWD back!
by Big42Country November 22, 2010
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Bed Wed Defuse - take three acquaintances - bed one, marry another and defuse a bomb with the last - pick carefully!

A cultural fusion of the classic game of FMK.
Bob was having a hard time choosing amongst his friends for a game of BWD.
by VWGolf_Mk7 April 18, 2021
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BWD better known as Black While Driving is a very dangerous legal offense that could cause excessive traffic stops, frequent searches, warrants pertaining to thug/criminal activity etc.
"Wow Mann Jimmy got a BWD charge"

"What a dumbass he should know not to be black while driving"
by NotAllThatMuchRacistttt May 26, 2023
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Bwd: Back when done!
1: brb...i have to do something.
2: For how long?
1: Don't Know; BWD!
by h-nlsn October 22, 2005
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Light really wanted little lil lords BWD IN HER ASS
by NC clan August 22, 2019
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