Derived from butterface. Female gender who is good looking but is genetically given ugly cookies (tip of nipple).
I saw that girl naked at Mardi Gras... buttercookies unfortunately.
by Brian March 7, 2005
Refers to any hole, including, but not limited to, a vagina that is so tight you can only get one finger through.
Dude, Julie's pussy is so tight it's like fingering a butter cookie!
by The Captain Awesome! April 15, 2008
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this is a way to refer to a spanish bitch when in public, many white ppl say to their friends tht the friend loves dose peanut butter cookies!
look at tht peanut butter cookie, damn she mine,

but always use protection when ur havin sex, even if the pussy smells oven Fresh!
by niqqa PLZ September 2, 2006
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Eat/drink a lot of butter, flour and milk, then ejaculate in a freezer. Wait 2 hours and scrape the frozen sperm up and hide them in your pockets before sex. Then put the frozen sperm-filled cookie on your partners tongue while it melts. Meanwhile you rub her back with butter.
John: "I heard Jenna likes do kinky stuff"
Michael: "Oh yea? Like what?"
John: "She made me give her the Danish Butter cookie
by Wheelwood January 15, 2018
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