BTP stands for BRING THE PAIN, signifying that you are fuckin sweet or pretty much hardcore, especially if you're hardcore enough to get it tattooed on the inside of your lip like me

other forms of BTP could be BTMFP or "bring the motha fuckin pain" but my lip isnt that big
"wtf you lookin at? BTP!? oh I'll BTMFPB!!!"
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Acronym for Boyfriendy Type Person. The BTP is not quite your boyfriend yet, but is more important to you than a casual fling. This term is used during that in between stage before you reach "official" boyfriend and girlfriend status. The BTP is someone you don't feel right calling your boyfriend yet, but you have been seeing quite a bit of each other, talking on the phone etc. and have strong feelings for each other but have not yet made the final leap into coupledom. You don't neccessarily have to be sleeping together, and you can be seeing other people (and not consider it 'cheating'), though you may be feeling a bit guilty about this / get pissed off if you find out he is doing it, because the relationship is getting more serious.

This term is used frequently by commitment-phobes.

GTP is the female equivalent.
*"I went to the movies with my BTP last night"

*John told his friends that he wasn't "technically" cheating on Claire because she was only his GTP, though he did consider it neccessary to keep his dalliances secret from her as he knew she would get upset.
by momers May 15, 2005
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Beat the puss - as in hooking up with diffrent/same girls the in consecutive order.
Ben - hows BTP with Heather?
David - Same old same old man. 4 times this week ;)
by PhaseIV the Host October 05, 2010
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Boyfriend-Type Person. Refers to a person who is not a boyfriend per se, but fulfills many of the requirements of one.
Paulie is a BTP, but he's just too good of a friend to risk a relationship with.
by D34THROW March 15, 2010
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