stands for:
1. bullshit
2. backstab (mostly in online gaming)
1. that was total bs
2. no bs in game
by definerX April 07, 2007
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When a swim coach accidently says BS in front of little kids. they ask what it means. the answer is, Bad Swimming.
Coach Mike said, "thats a bunch of B.S." in front of the six year olds. one tenetivley asks, "what is that?" realizing his mistake, mike says, "Bad Swimming."
by AdlerGrace May 16, 2010
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BS means bull shit but it also means butt sex.
Person 1: THIS IS BS!
Person 2: Butt sex? lmao
by Alyyyyyyyyyyyy January 02, 2009
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That card game that lil' kids play... damn that game lasts FOREVER!
I used to be the grand champ at BS
by *The Boss* July 16, 2006
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Bull shit in short, to prevent filters or admins, or just for ppl that are lazy
thats freakin bs

bs I tell u...
by Dizzy May 02, 2003
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Safe way of saying bull shit to your teachers
Teacher: Ok kiddies 80% of boat accidents happen on boats.
You: Mrs. Teacher thats a bunch of BS
by xxx_420mccswagget_xxx December 09, 2015
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