1) short for "bullshit"
2) short for "beer shits", a more subtle way to say it
3) A card game
1)"No way man, thats B.S."

2)"Move I got to got to toilet I got Beer Shits

3)"Hey who wants to play B.S.
by Alpha Dog666 August 05, 2008
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When a swim coach accidently says BS in front of little kids. they ask what it means. the answer is, Bad Swimming.
Coach Mike said, "thats a bunch of B.S." in front of the six year olds. one tenetivley asks, "what is that?" realizing his mistake, mike says, "Bad Swimming."
by AdlerGrace May 16, 2010
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bs is a card game (more than one persons)
you pass out all the cards in a deck to each player(doesnt' matter how many players)then you go around in a circle and place down (in order) all the cards you have..Aces.2's.3's and so on if you think someone is lying by the cards they say they have you say "bs" and if they were telling the truth then you take all the cards in the middle if they wern't telling the truth THEY take all the cards . the first person to get rid of all their cards first wins
by tAyLoR jOhNsToN August 22, 2004
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Bull shit in short, to prevent filters or admins, or just for ppl that are lazy
thats freakin bs

bs I tell u...
by Dizzy May 02, 2003
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