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sprinkling rain or misty weather; when it is not raining heavy and feels like someone is spraying in your face; this is how a bug must feel when you spray on them.
My friend hates walking in the bugspray weather
by tell you what November 20, 2018
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A word used when your talking about something to someone that you dont want anyone else to understand... kinda like when your talking about something bad and your parents walk in and so you say bug spray... and that way you let the other person know to shut up and dont talk about anything bad until the parents go away or whatever...
Those bug spray websites on the internet are great...

Dude 2: those fucking porn magazines are awesome...
Dude 1: yeah... i know... hiding in my closet whenever i need them...
Dude 2: yeah its great...
Dude 1: my mom is coming... so bug spray... ok?
Dude 2: alright...
Dude 2: so... how was your day...
by The Korean October 19, 2006
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When you want to say something to someone, but your parents or people are around and you don't what them to hear it, you say "Bugspray"
"I would tell you what me and her did, but it is bugspray right now."
by Kati Ann November 02, 2006
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