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The term BOTY is an acryonym for Black Out of The Year Award. Pronounced bow-Dee. This award is symbolic of a person blacking out from an exhorbitant amount of booze. Their body is usually found in a ditch, gutter, or in the backseat of a random's car. In order to receive this utmost prestigious award you have to be able to forget everything that occurred. A true blackout. A person's BAC level is required to be at a 0.25 or higher. And the subject must submit to a breathalyzer to verify that they are boty'd out.

Another condition of this award requires that the subject must maintain a pulse the entire night to the next day.

A cheat to get the BOTY consists of having 2 or more blackouts. Blackouts are drinks that contain 98% vodka and 2% monster.
Hey you trying to get the BOTY tonight?

You see Alana blowing that homeless dude last night?
- Yeah man. She definitely got the BOTY.

Ralph got picked up an amulance last night.
- Well I hope he is alive so we can tell him he got the BOTY.

BOTY's and Hoes.

Lost my job today man.
- How did that happen?
I got the BOTY at the company social.
by DT CEO September 29, 2013
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acronym for "battle of the year". a breakdance competition involving many countries. takes place in germany every year. each crew performs a routine and the 4 best crews battle for the win. very entertaining to watch but other events have much better battles.
the gambler crew from korea won boty 2004
by monotone November 01, 2004
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When someone is a BOTY it means that they are the "Bitch of the year".
That Marissa is the BOTY.
by Justakidfromakron April 20, 2017
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