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Bitches On Our Nuts Getting Action
Mostly Used By A Bro When A Chick Is All Over Your Nuts.

That When Your Bro's Yell Out BOONGA!!!
by Crich aka Boonga June 18, 2009
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Another name for a Juggernaut. Usually used when describing multiple juggernauts attacking. Also used when surprised by one and need to communicate quickly.
"Holy shit! There is ten boongas behind you!"
"There's a boonga!"
"We've located multiple boongas in every corner of the map"
by smpskates November 23, 2011
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originally a family nickname which originates from the concept of nose drips and craziness.
The boonga bros are on the bus (two brothers who're are crazy and have runny noses are traveling on a bus while contaminating the bus with curry-scented snot.
by papaji potidas putputwala October 22, 2017
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A boonga is someone who is usually a dick, throws games and makes you laugh a lot
Mark: "Jack you such a boonga!"
Jack: "Thanks but I'm still going to TK you next round!"
by ToG II Nova August 16, 2018
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