The ability to detect the presence of babes- especially in cyberspace- without actual sight of them, popularly attributed to a sensory organ within the penis. BONAR- BO(ner) N(avigation) A(nd) R(anging).
She didn't have a profile pic up, Dude... but I was like totally picking her up on BONAR right away.
by Mo Dixley August 08, 2005
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This Is what pirates get insted of a a boner
Steve: I got a Bonar
Joe: Bonar?
Steve: Yea its talk like a pirate day
by C The JJ February 10, 2009
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a penis averted sonar that typically, in most cases, detects the voluptuous 'pussy' abound.
1. My bonar is lurking..

2. Dude why isn't your bonar working around the girls? It only works when you're around gu-... oh.

3. My bonar broke, now I'm stuck as a lonely virgin.
by Scorpulus June 14, 2010
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When something gets you particularly excited, it gives you BONARS.
Wow, that chick just touched my ass, I now have BONARS.
by Microphone "ceydn" Joe March 21, 2003
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to stay at home on a Friday, Saturday, or obvious social hangout night to socialize on your own or with your girlfriend/boyfriend
Dude, I think I'm just going to Bonar It tonight and watch a movie with Steph.
by Bonopio March 18, 2008
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Awakening with shit poking out of your ass and thus giving you a boner out of your ass.

In other words is a shit boner.
I broke my bonar and it touched my boner......
by deathspard June 09, 2010
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A spanish word created by Jorgito. the word bonar has many definitions not only does it mean to hang out with friends. many times you can use this word in place of pasar tiempo con mis amigos. also you can use this word as to fuck. many spanish people do not consider this a word do to its vulgarity. Bonar is a member of the -ar- family and has regular conjugations.
yo bono mis amigos-- meaning i hang out with my friends

Yo bonar cesars madre--- meaning i fuck charlies mom...that would be disgusting tho because she is lesbian, also charlie has two mommies but thats a different story
by Jorgito la racista November 30, 2010
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