BIFI: By Idiots For Idiots

Pronounced "beefy"

It is a variation on saying: the blind leading the blind.
Humphry: Heard of this new website, Quora?
Benjamin: Sounds like the name of a terrorist.
Humphry: No, it's a website where you ask other people questions, and they answer them.
Benjamin: Ahh, so a clone of Yahoo! Answers!?!
Humphry: Pretty much, but they try to provide a nicer user interface.

A few moments of clickety clackety and the conversation continues...

Humphry: So, what do you think?
Benjamin: BIFI
Humphry: Is that a compliment? Do you mean beefy as in filled with features to the brim?
Benjamin: No, BIFI as in By Idiots For Idiots. Have you taken a closer look at any of the questions or answers? The answers are all wrong and written by idiots. The questions are all dumb and written by even bigger idiots. Thus, BIFI, By Idiots For Idiots!
by OffBeatDrummer December 22, 2021
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BIFI: By Idiots For Idiots

Pronounced as “beefy
Lisa: Quick! Give me some websites that are BIFI
Marie: Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia!
Lisa: Thanks. The Dark Web hacker launch codes have been activated. They’ll be end of lifed in no time.
by OffBeatDrummer February 03, 2021
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BIFI stands for By Idiots For Idiots.

It is pronounced just like “beefy”.
Dave: So, what do you think of React?
Dave: OK, Golang?
Dave: What about Node?
Dave: Wow! Are there any technologies that are not BIFI by the estimation of software architects?!!
Tim: All technologies that fit a pro & con trade-off analysis! Unfortunately, none of the technologies you mentioned make the cut if a software architect were to put two and two together. Many wannabes these days don't even think about why they are applying a technology. They just monkey see monkey do!

Matthew: Tim, the software architect, told me that React is BIFI, but I don’t understand why?!!
Joe: React assumes a dumb audience to start, among many other reasons.
Matthew: Are you suggesting they assume I am dumb if I were to use React?
Joe: Exactly! For example, bidirectional (two-way) data-binding has been a staple in desktop application GUI development for decades, but React refuses to support it because they say most developers are too dumb to reason about it successfully.
Matthew: What’s wrong with that!? They’re making things more easy for us, no!?
Joe: I doubt any beginner would call React’s style of code easy, so I’m not sure they are anywhere near the target they claimed they were aiming at if that’s what you’re asking.
Matthew: Are you suggesting the makers of React themselves are dumb too?!!
Joe: Now, you’re truly getting to the bottom of why Tim used the term BIFI about them. React is literally By Idiots For Idiots!
by OffBeatDrummer December 27, 2021
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1. Remarkable; outstanding
2. Awesome
3. Intense
4. A-Okay
1. Did you see that?! Yeah, that was bifie.
2. Godzilla is friggin' bifie!
3. That fire is pretty bifie. It singed my eyebrows from 20 yards.
4. Want a soda? Nah, I'm bifie.
by Skeezoyd June 02, 2006
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The greatest word in existence. Period. Can make anyone or anything stop what they're doing and shut up just by mentioning it.

Created by the two most gangsta people in the universe
"Hey, did you hear the world is ending?"


"What was I just talking about?"
by XMUS JAXON October 10, 2013
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A nice tasty sausage, each individually packed.
I'm sooo hungry, I would really like to snack a BiFi right now!
by `tr4sh.Y April 09, 2004
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A gaydar for bisexuals or your level of bisexualness.
This person has a really strong BiFi signal.
by MyBiFisignalisStrong October 14, 2017
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