Go (for specificity also referred to as Golang) is a programming language started by Google and made by the open source community, specializing for cloud environments. It's used by only the most elite of programmers. Any lesser programmer, such as a Java or Python programmer might only dream of writing in such an elite language like Go. Javascript programmers cannot even begin to comprehend the beautiful capabilities that Go might offer for them, but they are merely lesser programmers, not able to hold such elite knowledge.

The only programmers that might rival Go programmers are the Real Men that program in C++. Even then, Go beats it easily in usability and power.
Person A: "Have you seen my website? I wrote it using the React framework in Javascript!"
Person B: "Yeah, I wrote a similar website in Angular using Javascript!"
Chad person C: "Pff pathetic. I have written a website using Go/Golang, integrated with the backend also written in Go. Then it can automatically be load balanced using Docker and Kubernetes, both also written in Go entirely."
Person A and B: "Oh my lord, if only we were as smart and blessed with knowledge as you are!"
by pokemoneuro April 28, 2021
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by Cleverkid.com October 24, 2019
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