When someone has BGE they radiate postive Big Gay Energy.
A: Look how good Sehun looks. Should I say hi?

B: You should, but just so you know he has BGE.
by Slay.stray February 13, 2020
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Best Girlfriend Ever. Buying shoes, renting hotel rooms, trying everything, and being worth it are signs of this girl. Makes big, dumb smiles come into play as often as one thinks about her. These smiles light up entire rooms.
"Sheeit, man, did you just turn on the halogen bulbs again?"
"Nah, dude. Just thought about the BGE. Sorry."
by sweetiethatsadog May 24, 2007
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Big Green Egg BBQ (Overpriced large verdant ovoid outdoor grill)
Rom: The Rom's are cooking pizza on BGE this evening...dad is still tweaking cooking conditions..
Ade: Wish I could afford a Big Green Egg. Recent austerity measures mean my egg dreams have gone pear shaped.
by Brandomoron July 13, 2017
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Big girl energy. Also a song created by Amber Riley aka “RILEY
I got that BGE, I got that hood that’s still in me.
by baddiexbrandon December 03, 2020
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