Eyo Ma Man Wanna Join Da BFH Team Huh?!
by Average BFH Enjoyer December 2, 2021
When your feeling sad or down, so you try to remember to “Be Fooking Happy”
Come man, it will be alright! BFH!
by EAGLESFLY January 19, 2019
Wow, way to eat all the popcorn you BFH.
by La La 1234556 July 10, 2010
boo f-----g hoo- a pejorative reply to a non-sensical or cry-baby complaint or comment
Poor girl said she only had 3 likes about her hair washing vid. bfh
by professionaltourist September 3, 2022
Your a Bfh haha😂😂😂😂❤️
by Brocksalera August 23, 2017