big fuckin' hammer.
a roadie slang for a big rider bus,or Hammer.
no, not myself...i posted this cause you can't find it in the best roadiespeak dictionaries.
by hytham_hammer July 10, 2005
Stands for Battlefield Heroes - A new game from EA and DICE
Currently in Beta
BFH: A Battlefield Hero
Anyone playing Battlefield Heroes is a true champion for either the Royals or the Nationals
by Major Goodman April 7, 2009
To describe someone with a big forehead
Oh you have such a BFH, and it is really adorable!
by Cheungdog July 12, 2017
Acronym: Butt Fuck Her
Buttfuckably Hot

Implies that a woman is not only very attractive but that she overwhelms passersby with the desire to have anal intercourse with her, or at least hit it doggy style.

BFH is generally the near-involuntary verbal response to a fantastic booty.
Jack: Oh man, did you see that skirt Janice has on today?
Roger: Oof. So hot. BFH.
Jack: BFH.


Holy crap, she is so BFH.
by spinosaurus January 25, 2010
Brotherhood Family Honour (a nationalist network originates from sweden)
by jon doe2 February 14, 2009
When you lie to someone (like your girlfriend) for a long period of time and then they found out, you're a "BFH".

When you lead someone on in a relationship for your own pleasure and gain.
by Your exx June 26, 2011