Abbreviation for Bumfuck Egypt. Aka, out in the fucking middle of nowhere. Also known as anywhere in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, North/South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Arkansas.
Friend 1: Damn, Chris's house is in the middle of BFE, innit?
Friend 2: Yup, about as convenient to get to as Kaufmann during a Chiefs game.
by x-MidnightSun-x October 22, 2011
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Hey because I got to the Herm so late I had to park in BFE.
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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Ask any USAF veteran that has spend a 6 month tour at Coronet Aspen where BFE is, and they will tell you that there is indeed such a location.
I just got off the sand after 1/2 year at BFE
by bigdog68 June 04, 2004
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How do I get to your house?

Just drive until you can't see anything resembling civilzation. Then you're in BFE and my house is the one on the left.
by Justin September 27, 2004
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BFE = Boy Friend Experience
When a guy hooks up with a woman and gets all clingy and affectionate like they are in a relationship.
I just wanted to get railed, but he wanted to stay the night and tried to give me the BFE, so I had to kick his ass out.
by Chula15 October 22, 2009
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Bum. Fucking. Egypt-used when you are mad or upset about a certain thing..

there is also B.F.M.T-which stands for
Bum. Fucking. Mrs. Thomas- it is described as a bum fucking a certain cheer coach.
often used instead of 'B.F.E'
girl1 Ugh theres no freaking parkin places..B.F.E!


girl1 Ugh she gave me a hug..B.F.M.T!
by I am Austin Skye March 01, 2009
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