How do I get to your house?

Just drive until you can't see anything resembling civilzation. Then you're in BFE and my house is the one on the left.
by Justin September 27, 2004
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An abbreviation for Butt-Fuck Egypt. Meaning out in the middle of no where.
I am so lost out here in the middle of B.F.E! All I see is grass and a dirt road in any direction I look.
by Daniwells89 July 29, 2016
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Abbreviation for Butt Fuck Egypt, out in the middle of nowhere.
I used to enjoy going to Todd's place, but then he bought a house out in BFE.
by jamesfa3 March 25, 2015
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Bum. Fucking. Egypt-used when you are mad or upset about a certain thing..

there is also B.F.M.T-which stands for
Bum. Fucking. Mrs. Thomas- it is described as a bum fucking a certain cheer coach.
often used instead of 'B.F.E'
girl1 Ugh theres no freaking parkin places..B.F.E!


girl1 Ugh she gave me a hug..B.F.M.T!
by I am Austin Skye March 01, 2009
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Short for Big Fucking Egypt or Bumblefuck Egypt.

Refers to a giant, open area surrounded by: desert; corn/wheat fields; nothing; 1 neighbor, who is a redneck or hick; etc.
Montana State University is way out in the middle of BFE... at night I can hear cows making love :(
by ShovelTime May 29, 2006
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An acronym meaning "Bestest Friend Ever." Usually used to describe a friend that is so awesome that they are just the best friend ever.
Jeff: Dude, why do you keep hanging out with her?

Bill: Cause she's my BFE, been that way for awhile.
by ramen_noodles July 28, 2011
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Also the *B*ack of *F*ucking *E*gypt
I pay too damn much for a parking permit to park in the BFE and walk half an hour to my first fucking class!!! This is retarded!! Then when I park in the faculty lot to try to be on time, some dogass hoe meter maid gives me a fucking ticket!!!!
by Student 'bout to start a riot December 11, 2003
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