"Did you listen to the new ASMR video yet?"
"No I haven't, what was it about?"
"It was a BFE with cuddling and heart beat sounds."
by onthatweebshit6996 March 15, 2021
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Big Fat Energy. A type of bold, attention seeking personality that is annoying and invasive- not necessarily seen in all fat people. Typically someone with BFE is very full of themselves which is apparent through their actions and the way they dress
She is so loud and bold! She has some major BFE
by Ecm1323 October 19, 2019
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BFE, or Big Frog Energy, is when people seem like they’d hang out with human-sized frogs. This may or may not include ribbiting.
Some of our friends have BFE (Big Frog Energy), especially when they’re drunk.
by Edogggg August 02, 2019
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