BFD or Best Friend Drama is when two people are best friends with the same person and feel the need to bitch about him or her to each other.

Drama between two seperate people with the same best friend.
Marie: BFD right now Ashley! Liz is being such a pain in the butt!

Ashley: Again? There's always BFD when it comes to her!
by Irate Best Friends October 18, 2011
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meaning "big foot's dick"

used to describe something that has an overly intense odor because you have nothing else to describe it with.
DUDE1: "Oh GEEZ! What the fuck is that smell?"
DUDE2: "Ugh, it smells like BFD, man."
DUDE2: "Big foot's dick!"
by LOUD NOISES July 28, 2008
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Baltimore Fist Dildo. A large dildo shaped like the fist of your lover. used only in the kinkiest of sexual experiences.
hey im bored. i know lets bust out that BFD and stretch my vag
by slutmasterflex1266 March 15, 2008
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a runescape clan of pussies and nerds that make new topics saying they are going to quit, so ppl can feel sorry for them. a clan with shit ass boring events, and never does any combat.
bob: hey lets join BFD
chad: FUCK no, i hear they have tears of guthix as their week events.
by born from my ass July 18, 2009
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We were supposed to get off at the Berlin Train Station, instead here we are in BFD
by kevin December 15, 2003
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