Stands for boycott-divestment-sanctions, a movement used to end Apartheid in South Africa and is now being used to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
The Students for Justice in Palestine club demanded that the college remove all Israeli hoummous from the school dining hall as part of their BDS campaign.
by ConservatismSucks March 24, 2010
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The acronym for "Big Dick Sex". Unlike normal sex with an average or below average sized penis...BDS can offer a more intense experience for the female. Benefits of this include but are not limited to: Stronger, Longer, more satisfying orgasms induced by all areas of the vaginal walls being stimulated simultaneously.
"Jessica is unavailable for comment right now, she is having BDS."
by Mcdubbles July 19, 2017
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Big Dick Syndrome

A very rare condition that causes males to have extremely large dicks
by BDS Patient 0 January 24, 2021
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Big Dick Squad (formerly known as Brendon Defense Squad) the most iconic groupchat on stan twitter argue with the wall babes
twitter user: i want to be in BDS so bad
by neways20293 October 11, 2020
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Biden Derangement Syndrome. Usually a symptom of Trump supporting kool-aid drinkers. They had four years of stating anyone who disagreed with them, had TDS. Now, that Trump may have lost, they are declaring Biden will not be their president and they will not unite behind him, the exact thing they hated about liberals for the last four years.
Oof, that Trumper has a severe case of the BDS. I hope he will be okay.
by MaksMuhMonkey November 10, 2020
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BDS stands for "Big Dick Swinging." A pejorative used to indicate when someone enters a room or situation overconfident, only to flounder and fail while they're there.
"Did you see Mark failing to fix that microwave?"
"Yeah, it was a total BDS moment. He lied when he told us he spent four years of experience fixing microwaves."
by Roy_Al_Lions June 9, 2021
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M said "Every girl loves Big Dick Sex (BDS)... Even if they say they don't all they want is Big Dick Sex (BDS)."
by CookieMnstr September 30, 2011
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