Burning Ddong-go-mong Sensation. Ddong-go-mong is a korean word meaning "butt-hole". it is used to classify the feeling you get on your butt-hole. there are several moments where this could happen. the most common experiences comes from the aftermath of taking a fat shit that felt like it's ripping you apart; or when you recieve a bazooka blasted ddong-jjeem(the force of combined index fingers shot up someone's ass).
Andrew had a mega BDS after recieving a powerful ddong-jjeem from Doh.
by Grunteeee August 31, 2006
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Birth-DAY-Sex, On the day you came out of a vagina, you will either be back in one or something will be in yours
Erika and Kristy came to my house on my birthday for some BDS. It was awesome.
by Wilmereatspoop July 27, 2009
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Like when I'm playin basketball and bust a three in your face and yell BDS. You know what it is
by bigdswangin October 12, 2009
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Also known as "before dinner syndrome," this term refers to somebody who gets pissed off when they're hungry. Symptoms include grouchiness, a rise in irritability, and an overall poor demeanor. Cured by eating.
Person 1: "Yo man, John's been acting like a total dick today."
Person 2: "Well, he didn't get to have a lunch break today, so he's got a bad case of BDS."
by DSquad48 January 19, 2013
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A Commodore 64 computer demo/cracker group called, "Brain Damage Studios" that started in the late-1980s and is very probably still around. They also published the disk magazine, "Hardline".
I programmed the names Icebreaker, Moloch, and Redeye of BDS to the greetings in the scrollies of my demos back in the early-1990s.
by Telephony February 13, 2015
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Biden Derangement Syndrome. Usually a symptom of Trump supporting kool-aid drinkers. They had four years of stating anyone who disagreed with them, had TDS. Now, that Trump may have lost, they are declaring Biden will not be their president and they will not unite behind him, the exact thing they hated about liberals for the last four years.
Oof, that Trumper has a severe case of the BDS. I hope he will be okay.
by MaksMuhMonkey November 10, 2020
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