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Christian university started by televangelist Pat Robertson. Originally called "CBN University" (interestingly named after the TV channel), the goal of this institution is to turn out Christian Neoconservative drones in hopes of putting them into positions of power (such as in DC, Hollywood, news media, etc.). This became apparent after the Monica Goodling scandal, which revealed hundreds of Regent grads working in the Bush Administration. Most of the classes at Regent focus on applying right-wing Christian ideals to politics, law, and the media.

Regent considers its law school to be better than that of Harvard, yet it is so poorly ranked it's a joke. A degree from Walden University will get you more job opportunities than a degree from this place. It is ranked lower than a ttt and its students' reviews are even worse. However, the people at Regent know this, which is why they create massive amounts of propaganda to make the school look better than it is. They like to brag about beating Harvard Law students in competitions, but when it comes to who gets the better careers after school, Regent alumni can hardly get up there.

By the way, John Ashcroft is now a Regent faculty. That alone should make you think.
Marty: I'm going to UPenn. Where are you going?

Timmy: Sucks. My parents are making me go to Regent University, because they think if I go anywhere else I'll turn into a dirty liberal hippie who wears keffiyehs and protests capitalism.

Marty: Man, that really blows.

Timmy: Yeah. They want me to be a lawyer, so they tell me I have to stay at Regent for law school, too.

Marty: Well, good luck working McDonald's for the rest of your life.
by ConservatismSucks September 4, 2009
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Barack Obama: Shit, the White House is all out of TP.

George W. Bush: Ever tried the GENEVA CONVENTION? It's real good stuff.

Barack Obama: Thanks! Where'd you find this?

George W. Bush: I used it to wipe my tushy every day when I was in the White House. See how good it turned out?
by ConservatismSucks December 20, 2009
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A business disguised as a school that uses spam as a means of luring in new unsuspecting customers. This diploma mill uses many sneaky advertising tactics, such as coming up as the first result in google search when typing in "university of", TV ads featuring sensationalized stories and fast-paced music, and a YouTube channel that features their "success stories" and that blocks any user that posts anything remotely critical of the school in their videos' comment sections. According to several accounts on the internet, most classes at UoP consist of nothing remotely useful. If one is able to get a job after graduating from here and pay off the $200,000 they owe in loans, they are truly lucky.
Rob didn't want to go to community college so he enrolled at University of Phoenix and found himself shelling out $50k a year to learn absolutely nothing.
by ConservatismSucks December 23, 2009
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Right-wing Christian lawyer who heads Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) who is really a Jew, who is really a Christian, who is really a Jew, who is really a Christian. He first got into politics through Jews for Jesus which lead him into the world of the Religious Right. He is frequently seen on "The 700 Club" as well as Fox News and his own radio show haranguing the "anti-Christian" Supreme Court. He is also a huge opponent of the war on Christmas.

According to an article from the "Legal Times" published in Nov. 2005, Sekulow is one of the wealthiest Jesus advocates involved primarily in non-profit work. In other words, he is just another power-hungry nut bent on using Jesus' name and message to make profit.
Jay Sekulow is on Fox News again talking about how the biggest issue in the next election will be whether or not Christians will be allowed to pray in public transport. I wonder how much he gets paid to be a mouthpiece for the right-wing.
by ConservatismSucks December 20, 2009
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A well-known diploma mill located in Colorado, famous for being the alma mater of creationism activist Kent Hovind. The school has never been accredited by any accreditation institution and even claims it has no wish to be. The school sells degrees in such far-ranged topics as Christian education and missionary studies. The main classroom building resembles a trailer park home. In order to get into this school, all you need is a checkbook and a pen.
Erica couldn't get into Regent University since her high school GPA was a 1.04, luckily she got into Patriot Bible University.
by ConservatismSucks December 19, 2009
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A show on MTV profiling the lives of teen girls (all from either the south or midwest and all from working-class backgrounds) and how fucked up their lives become after getting pregnant. About 90% of the show's content features the girls arguing and swearing at their parents and/or baby daddy about stupid shit (shows how harsh pregnancy hormones hit) or breaking down at the stress of having fucked without a rubber.

This show is like junk food for the mind a la The Jerry Springer Show/Maury. It is to TV what cash4gold is to fine jewelers, or what University of Phoenix is to the Ivy League.
by ConservatismSucks June 2, 2010
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An organization one may think is a sad parody of the ACLU but is indeed a real organization that is the exact opposite of the ACLU. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) was founded by fundamentalist Christian televangelist Pat Robertson to turn the United States into a theocracy via the Supreme Court. It is currently run by fellow neoconservative Jay Sekulow and headquartered in Washington DC (next door to the National Pro-life Action Center and right down the street from the courts, no less).

It is a known fact that many students from Robertson's Regent University start their political careers by interning at this organization.
After the ACLJ sued my school district we were forced to say prayers to Jesus every morning before class. Fuck you, ACLJ.
by ConservatismSucks December 5, 2009
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