"Big Dick Swinging" is a phrase used to instill a sense of wellness and optimism into ones self before attempting to overcome a challenge for which one is not prepared.
Jill: "Are you ready for the math exam?"
John: "I'm going to walk into that exam Big Dick Swinging!"
by DrBONGhITS420PHD December 13, 2013
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When someone brags about something that isn't worth bragging about
Guy 1: Yo. I just got a new Xbox controller and it's custom.
Guy 2: Big dick swinging.
by 69420yoloswagen69 March 2, 2018
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The man, someone in charge or important

Sometimes heard as “The big swinging dick in....”
Guy 1: Man, guy 3 just thinks he’s so good
Guy 2: He reckons he’s the big swinging dick mate.
by brexiteer dave May 31, 2019
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1. the financial industry's term for a rainmaker; a Wall Street executive who brings in enormous amounts of money for the firm, possibly because he has just screwed a customer.

An expression made famous by Michael Lewis in Liar’s Poker, published in 1989.

2. a mover and shaker in any organization

Calling some one a dick is an insult.
Calling some one a big dick is a bigger insult.
Calling some one a big swinging dick is a term of respect.

Not a nickname for a large gorilla named Richard.
But Dick Perle didn't want to be a mere influence peddler. He wanted to be a businessman, a venture capitalist, a Big Swinging Dick.
by mandingoe October 5, 2004
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A cross country runner who cares primarily about his rank among his teamates, not among his competition from other teams

A runner who begins a race or training run hard and then proceeds to fade steadily ultimately getting his ass kicked

A runner who goes all out like an idiot on monda and tuesday workouts, and has jack shit left for the rest of the week
"John was in the lead for the first 2 miles, but he had nothing for the last 3. He'd be a decent runner if he didn't try to be such a Big Swinging Dick."
by Joe's Hole August 28, 2009
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