Acronym meaning "Best Day Ever."

Often used in response to someone telling a story that ends in the ubiquitious "FML."

Definition extrapolates to various other acronyms,
including BNE:"Best Night Ever," BBE "Best Beej Ever," or simply BE: "Best Ever."
Douche: I hate everything. Everything sucks. I'm so depressed. FML.

Happy Douche: Oh, that sucks. In other news, I found a $5 bill on the ground today. BDE!
by The Guy Who Still High-Fives November 10, 2009
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BDE or Big Dick Energy is a term to describe a male who through his charisma and charm, is known to conceal a massive payload below.

BDE is associated with gentlemen who know their reputation in girth and size precedes them.
Girl 1: Look at that guy, isn't he such a gentleman?
Girl 2: I bet he has a massive cock concealed. He suffers from BDE.
by Chanjan November 4, 2018
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You might like having sex with her if you like BDE; she doesn't move much at all!
by Vrip March 7, 2007
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Short for Braden & Davie Estate - the home of the greatest NXT Podcasters, BAYBAY!
Yo, we're heading to the BDE for a pint and some wrestling news?!
by reyob August 9, 2018
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Yo man, yesterday I had an off the hook BDE with this chick in a storage unit.
by pmp020772 March 9, 2011
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