person 1: i made a hat for my dad! it says BDE
person 2: what’s that mean
person 1: BEST DAD EVER!!
by notgracee April 21, 2021
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a person or group who possesses energy SO big, that their dick must be big. Therefore, Big. Dick. Energy. Their presence is just so raw and effervescent that you would never fuck with them.
Wow, the Redlands Women's Soccer Team has so much BDE!
by BDESoccerBabes September 13, 2018
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Sebastian Stan has BDE cause he’s so fucking hot. Like my god let us breathe 😔✊🏼
by sebastian’s bitch September 26, 2018
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short for Big Dick Energy. Typically used on Instagram or Twitter. Used when you’re referencing yourself and some of your qualities.
DeluxSL has hella BDE.
Thomas has no BDE, I guess he’s just shrimping.
by BigDickClyde1993 November 14, 2018
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BDE is "big dick energy". The term is mostly used when you spot someone that either has done or is doing something that would make them have a big dick.
Person : Have you seen Sp3ngy over there.
Person 2 : Yeah I've seen him he is overflowing with BDE
by Sp3ngy December 14, 2020
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Acronym meaning "Best Day Ever."

Often used in response to someone telling a story that ends in the ubiquitious "FML."

Definition extrapolates to various other acronyms,
including BNE:"Best Night Ever," BBE "Best Beej Ever," or simply BE: "Best Ever."
Douche: I hate everything. Everything sucks. I'm so depressed. FML.

Happy Douche: Oh, that sucks. In other news, I found a $5 bill on the ground today. BDE!
by The Guy Who Still High-Fives November 10, 2009
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