Big Dick Energy. Flexing for no reason or just to fuel your own ego.
Wow would you look at that bde
by bhad dhad February 4, 2019
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He looks b i g
B a t m a n b ig
yes! thats big development enery. BDE
by naytion August 21, 2020
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Business Development Energy

Subtle Sexy Confidence; confidence without the cockiness.
"Wow, that new lawyer is so good at attracting new clients"
"That's because she's got BDE Bob"
by Jim-Bowe September 19, 2019
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The most annoying group of girls you’ll ever meet. They talk crap on our group even though we’re better;) They never hang out and they seem to think they’re better Lol We even got their boys in on it because they hate the girls too. It’s official we’re better because no one could outdo the better group!!
That BDE group have some serious issues.
by bettergroup December 5, 2018
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blake lively is the definition of big dick energy. someone who’s confident and sexy all at once.
do you know who blake lively is? she radiates SUCH bde!”
by yeehawm February 15, 2019
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big diva energy; used to describe strong women who are not afraid to speak their minds and go up against any double standards. “diva” is often misused to label spoiled and bratty females, giving it a negative connotation.
Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, and Madonna are all examples of females who radiate bde (big diva energy), meaning they are all extremely talented and strong and are not afraid to stand up for themselves and speak their mind. This is the kind of femininity and girls-supporting-girls energy we need in this world.
by giannatehe May 16, 2020
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On a torrent site comment:

BDE. Thanks dopeman.
by vilaemail November 3, 2008
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