US Army BCT is getting easier and easier. I wish the new soldiers were presented with the oppurtunities I had when basic training was still called basic training instead of this "BCT" where new soldiers are allowed to sham their way to weakness!
by PV2 Not giving my name! September 15, 2006
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Ball Camel Toe. An unfortunate situation that afflicts all males at least once in their life. This is what happens when the pants (or shorts) have ridden too high and the ball bag becomes unnaturally divided. One nut dives for the left leg and one dives for the right. Unpleasent to have and unplesant to view, but pretty funny to discuss. Common at gyms, senior centers, the Tour de France, and anywhere you find cowboys. See also Moose Knuckle
Oh jeez that's a wicked BCT, you must have gotten those pants from Moses because your sac is parted just like the Red Sea!
by Blark August 22, 2006
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BCT: Blood cum transfusion. When you fuck a girl so hard instead of blood in her viens there is cum.
Guy: I gave your girlfriend a BCT last night she was a white.

Guy 2: But my girlfriend is black.

Guy: Exactly.
by UnerringBiscuit November 3, 2009
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Tony: Man these clubs got nothin but flat chested McNasties!

Bobby: Yeah we need to head downtown to find those BCT's!!
by street trash viper May 26, 2009
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Butt Clenching Terror. When something so horrible happens or almost happens and your butt crack tightens involuntarily.
I had a BCT moment yesterday when almost hit a puppy with my car.
by DukeDude April 5, 2009
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BCT - A yellow toothed rabbit that will bite every wire he bites. He loves to chew on hay and you often find him sitting in his litter box, full of his yellow piss. He’s a cute rabbit and although he chews on everything he finds, he’s the best bunny you could have.
God damn it, BCT chewed on my laptop charger again!
by seano January 30, 2021
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Bitch Cunt Twat. A female that has leveled up to the next level of bitchness, cuntness, and twatness. A little tyrant that’s a boss bitch in her own mind. A bitter, delusional, evil, mean person to be around.
Did you see Shelly yesterday yelling at everyone during the team meeting? Her BCT was on full display for everyone to see. It’s great when the BCT’s out themselves.
by CanOpenerCork August 29, 2023
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