An emote, face with glasses
Glasses: B
Cat mouth or cute mouth: 3
I use it when i said something good, or want to be nice with glasses
by a.e.i.o.u123 August 31, 2021
B3- (pronounced Bee Three): A Ball Busting Bitch.
Dave: Man, I'm so glad Eric broke up with Allison, she was one Ball Busting Bitch.

Bill: Yeah she was a real B3!
by PlayaWay August 7, 2011
the sexiest group of women who are always down to have a good ass time.
omg, are those the b3 girls? they're so cool we should def hang out w them
by troybolton69 March 8, 2020
In reference to a Hammond B3, when you haven't played one before and you sit down to play but you can't because you wet your pants. In many cases you have to do many takes while recording because of nervousness and having to change your pants often.
Isaac: "I had to do way more takes then 6!"
Bob: "Why, did you B3 yourself?"

Isaac: "I had never played one before!"

Bob: "I almost B3'd myself the other day when that girl walked into the cafeteria!"
Isaac: "You and me both"
by mmmyes30 April 26, 2013
Polish hip-hop clothing company, known mostly in Eastern Europe.
1: Did you see new b3 T-shirt on website ?
2: Yep, it's hot.
by 21PLC September 1, 2008
Busted behind the back, in other words, being caught with doing something with no evidence.
Some Guy: My mom found out I jack off.
Me: You just got B3 dude!
by spel itt rite April 2, 2006