Abbreviation of: Big Ol Bottom.

Utilized in the gay community as a term of endearment, or as a pejorative term, to describe an individual who adamantly prefers the 'bottom' role during sexual intercourse, with great pleasure.
Mason Wyler loves getting gang-banged, he's definitely a B.O.B.
by houseboy444 December 17, 2009
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It means that if you have a best friend, ur boy, then take his word over a girls. If he says that shes a bitch, LISTEN UP!!! sometimes you get blinded by "love", but ur boy should have ur back.
John: Isn't sarah FINE?

Steve: ya, but I know a guy who went out with her, shes a bitch.

John: sure, you're just jealous.
Steve: whatever you say.

1 month later
John: O shit, I'm broke, that girl played me
Steve: I told you man, you should've listened. B.O.B.
by Ari Korn December 3, 2005
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Bitches On Boards. Two chicks from Newport Beach, CA that support women's extreme sports & sticker pimpin' by givin' exposure to amateur women who skate, surf, snowboard, skimboard, etc....
B.O.B was at that contest looking for new girls that shred.

I heard that those crazy B.O.B. girls are gonna get their own TV show pretty soon.

by Vig90 October 5, 2007
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B.O.B. can be applied to anyone with a first name beginning with the letter "B" who is black out drunk. This person is no longer simply buzzed or a little wasted but full on hammered and hopefully out of control. They will most certainly have a glazed over look in their eyes and will lose motor function but definitely will not stop drinking, chain smoking, dancing and trying to get laid from people who may or may not be hot. At this point, they are too hammered to remember anything so they will be free of the shame which normally governs their lives making these drunken antics quite amusing to their cohorts.
White BBQ- Holy shit! Did you see Brad drink all that beer, , make out with that fat chick and then start dancing with his shirt off?

Dallas- Dude..... Brad is gone, that was B.O.B.
by White BBQ May 29, 2010
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acronym for Beat off Ben or anyone who is caught publicly masturbating (in school, church, wal-mart, etc.),
This term was formed to discreetly refer to them without them knowing
Jeff: Dude that dinosaur movie was awesome!!!

Dan: I know, I love Jurassic Park!!!

Hans: But did you guys see Jim?

Jeff: No?

Hans: He was bein a B.O.B. the whole was sick

Jim: GREAT MOVIE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
by A Classmate of B.O.B. May 7, 2011
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Did you hear, Andy gave a B.O.B.
by woods1 March 25, 2010
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