I cant stand Brett, he is such a B W.
by dcfjv August 31, 2006
b/w im not going to
b/w i don't want to talk about it
by zema February 16, 2009
B•The•W - Spelled Pronunciation (bee-thuh-duhb-uhl-yoo)


1.)By The Way
2.)The acronym “btw” which is shorthand for the phrase “by the way” but extended slightly. Often used by individuals who only feel compelled to abbr. certain parts of the phrase.
Oh, and B the W…browsing "Craigslist Missed Connections" is a great way to spend idle time while sitting alone in your over-priced studio apartment.
by G/A.CON December 2, 2007
The act of waking up in the morning and proceeding to get baked by usage of the cannabis plant.
I W & B this morning.
by Jashhh April 10, 2010
Sup Boo,
I need to talk to you!

w/b soon
by Cathy April 13, 2004
Short for Wake and Bake, which is the process of smoking a bowl or marijuana in general in the morning before going to work, school, etc.
Kira: Are you ready for school?
Sky: Almost, I gotta w&b though. School is so much better high...
by Skylord321 August 25, 2008
acronym for "welcome back" usually used on msn or other instant messaging services.
A: brb phones ringin
B: k
5 min later
A: back
B: w/b
A: tnx
B: who was it?
A: eric
by sexybitch March 9, 2005