That gangsta got caught for doing a B & E and now he is going to gangsta college.
by jadeeee April 19, 2006
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Dude, I totally just did a B & E!
Did you take anything?
No, I just busted the guy's door down and he started freaking out, wondering what I took!
by Taylor Matyasz October 28, 2007
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Bacon and eggs, according to Dane Cook. A common breakfast meal.
I'm always game for B & E. That's delicious in my belly.
by Lolita & Herb November 3, 2006
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The Process of Breaking and Entering into a private business, home, or property. A crime in most states, except for New Jersey and towns in the South West region of West Virginia. Often misused for the Bacon and Eggs Special at Denny's
Dane: Robert, we're going on an adventure tonight.
Robert: Nooo, Nooo Dane! Whatever your thinking of doing, noo...!
Dane: Come over, or our friendship is over!

Dane: I kicked that door straigh off its hinges!

Dane: I realize that I didn't want to do a B/E...I just wanted to kick a door down!
by CelticsFan69 June 9, 2008
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Breaking and Entering
1. Forcing entry into a home or other building that does not belong to you.

2. The criminal record of the act described above.

3. Great way to make some fa$t ca$h when you're in a tight spot and the loan sharks are after you.
1. "Dude, so we B&E'd the donut shop last night..."

2. "I did 6 months for B&E."

3. "Vinny and Joey were gonna break my legs, so Tito and I pulled a few B&E jobs, and scraped together some fast cash."
by InfrequentNinja January 29, 2004
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Another phrase for anal sex. Usually connotes a situation in which the male wants to have vaginal sex, while the female insists on anal.
Guy #1: Yo did you tap that pussy last night?
Guy #2: well kinda, she B E'd me.
Guy #1: You and everyone else bro.
by AK-fodee7 April 28, 2010
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Short for "Beat it & Eat it" or "Beat it up & Eat it up"; The act of a male performing oral sex on a female immediately following intercoarse.
"Dude, last night she told me she wanted me
to eat her out right after I beat it up"

"Oh so she wanted you to pull a B&E"
by 559guy August 13, 2009
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